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Families are the backbone of our society. Without strong families, our state and nation cannot succeed. By strengthening our families, we help our state and nation thrive. That’s the goal I want to work toward.

Hi, I’m Reggie Stoltzfus and I’m running for the open seat of State Representative to the Ohio House Legislature for the 50th District.


Watch this short video to learn more about who I am, where I’ve come from,
and why I’m so passionate about strengthening Ohio families.


Like you, I have a vested interest in the well-being of our community – I live here, work here, worship here, and send my children to school here.

There are no magic solutions to the problems plaguing our great state.
But I believe there are things we can do through legislation that will help our Ohio families – YOUR family – be better off.

I’d be grateful for your vote on November 6, 2018.


To the voters of Ohio House District 50, my supporters and friends, I’d like to address a negative mailer that has come out that seeks to cast me as something I’m not. Transparency is important to me. Below is the story behind this part of my life that some third-party groups are trying to use against me:

Right when I was graduating high school, my parents were going through a divorce, and as a result of tension and emotions running high, a family member of mine threatened the life of my mother. I stood up for my mother and defended her. There was not any physical contact between me and the man who cast the threat, only verbal argument. However, the police were called and I was charged. When the facts of the incident were made clear, the judge dropped the charge to a misdemeanor 4 (M-4), and it was later expunged.

While this happened 18 years ago, to this day I would act on behalf of my mother’s safety every time! I am the man I am today because of my childhood, and that is one of the fundamental reasons why I believe stronger families will lead to a stronger Ohio. My campaign reflects my passion for helping families have the resources they need to stay together and thrive, and I will work tirelessly to accomplish this goal. Yes, I was given tough circumstances, but made the choice to overcome them. I am living proof that no matter what background you come from, you can succeed and make a difference in this world, and that is exactly what I hope to do as State Representative for Ohio’s 50th House District.